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It's never been easier. 
You can literally copy and paste my templates, fill in the blanks, send them to a venue, and book the gig

You can try to write your email pitches by yourself... 

Or you can download an entire book filled with my proven email templates that I've personally used to book gigs with big name artists. 

Booking More Gigs: My Secret Weapon

From the desk of

Craig Kelley

Let me introduce myself, my name is Craig Kelley, founder of GigFaster.

I've been playing and booking gigs for 20+ years

I've booked over 1000 gigs.

In the beginning, I used to do cold calls and I used to go visit the clubs and do all this stuff and then...

... later on I figured out a way to get even better results with a lot LESS effort.

And it was crazy, I started booking insane gigs with big artists
and I was doing even less work than before.

I wasn't having to pick up the phone, I was getting responses, and it was really incredible!

Since we rolled it into GigFaster artists have already replicated the success...

Here's Lauren.. 

"After ONE day I was already getting responses..."

And here's Clinton who just used the tip of the iceberg and got responses immediately...

"I tried it and immediately got a positive response... I tried it again and they replied within minutes... it's like magic!"

Listen, it's not rocket science.

It's actually as simple as a copy/paste.

My secret is... email...

You have to email venues to book gigs..

You're going to get MORE gigs in LESS time...

That's the secret.

But here's the deal, you probably already tried to email people...

and if you're like most people you don't even get a response.

That's because... you can't just fire off a bunch of emails to the clubs.

Everyone's firing off emails..

You have to know what to SAY...

You gotta know WHAT to send...

You gotta know WHEN to SEND IT...

... there are a lot things you have to consider.

I put all of this in my book - Insider Secrets To Book Gigs.

I even include the exact email I use to personally to book gigs myself.

It's literally that easy as copy and paste...

That alone.. if you book one gig it's paid for itself!

I'm including:

  • All of my proven templates
  • The best times to contact venues
  • All the strategies that I use to book gigs

Clinton used the method and got results within minutes
(and he only used a small part of the material):

Lauren used the method built into GigFaster and booked several gigs:

After booking over 1,000 shows my templates do the job for me now.

It's so easy. I just load up my proven template and press send.

It's my tried & true blueprint that anyone can use to get similar results. 

If you want the EXACT templates that I've tested and perfected over my entire music career, this is the best offer you will ever get. 

I want to make them available to you... at a HUUUUGE discount!

It's my goal to make an even greater impact in 2020 and I'm looking for a few driven musicians who want to ignite their music careers.

Does this sound like you?

Then Insider Secrets To Book Gigs is perfect for you. 

You'll get all of my copy/paste templates with instructions on how to use them. 

You can also get my guide that dives into the best times to send emails (it's not good if people aren't opening/replying to your emails).

Over 10,000 other people have used these templates across every genre and location in the world. ANYONE can do this - you just need to customize the templates and hit send! 

And to sweeten the deal, for the next 30 minutes you can grab them for 60% OFF.  
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Best Email Templates For Booking GIgs Book
  • No longer will you need to call clubs!
  • You get ALL the results without having to book OVER 1,000 shows!
  • Book opening shows, Headlining slots, Cover band gigs... any live show.
  • Save hours of your time and do what you enjoy... music.
  • Quickly and easily edit each email template so you can send it immediately.
  • Book tours, local or national gigs.
Don't Leave Booking Gigs On Your To-Do List ANY Longer!...

These email templates are the exact same templates that I used to Book Gigs with GRAMMY™ Award Winning Artists 

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Times Have Changed...
Times have changed. I used to spend hours each day after day calling clubs trying to reach the booking manager. 

It was a long painful process and if you have ever booked gigs you know exactly what I'm talking about.

I wasted a huge amount of time that I could have been using to promote my band or practice.

The contact information for each club changes often so that was another hurdle I had to overcome on a constant basis.

Heck, when I started doing this, most of the calls were long distance to boot! Forgot all about that one! 

If you suffered through the same heck then you're probably as excited as I am to use email to book gigs. 

Below is just a short list of reason we don't book gigs on the phone anymore. I'm sure you can think of a dozen more!

Why We Don't Call Clubs Anymore

  • No Return Calls. Nobody returns calls!
  • ​Shot in the dark if your message was even delivered.
  • Most of the time you would be totally ignored. No message.
  • ​Took forever to reach someone. Multiple phone calls, etc. Oi!
  • ​​If you were lucky enough to talk to someone they tell you to call back.
  • ​Total waste of time you could have used promoting your band or for practice.

Email Changed How I Book Gigs

As I alluded to, I have completely changed the way I book gigs now and it has been amazing how well it works. 

I come from a developer/email marketing background. Once I started applying the principles of email marketing to music my world completely changed.

No longer was I wasting an hour or more each day calling venues. I would schedule my emails and let email do the work.

If a venue didn't reply, a second email would go out automatically. And then a 3rd, 4th and 5th. As soon as I got a reply the emails would stop and I would jump in.

It was basically like having my own booking agent. I just had to put a little work up front into it. 

Since I perfected the email sequence and templates for booking gigs, I have booked big gigs with some big names. GRAMMY winners and nominees.

The only time I call a club now is if they request it. 

Today I'm offering my same Email Templates for you to customize and use so you can stop wasting your time and start booking more gigs too.

Email Is Now The Proven Way To Book Gigs

1. Use Email If You Want To Book Gigs

Thankfully the Internet has evolved and most people that book venues want you email them. When I say "most" I mean 99% of club booking agents want you to email them! 

Unless a venue asks you specifically to call them then you should reach out using email. Emailing booking agents has brought about a whole new ballgame for booking gigs.

2. Be A Good Salesman In Your Email

You need to know what to say in your email or you'll blow your chances of ever getting the gig.

Most people are horrible at email and texting. Have you heard, "you read my email wrong" before? Absolutely, it's happened to everyone!

3. Follow Up Or You Will Fail

This is a very condensed summary BUT if you don't follow up you will absolutely never book a gig. 99.9% of the time that is. You may be lucky but why not work with odds in your favor?!

Let me explain exactly what you'll learn in this exclusive guide so you can start booking gigs using email today.

Start Booking Gigs Now

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Look, I know, as a musician myself that money can be tight. 

That's why there is a 30-day money back guarantee. 

Not only are you saving 60% off the normal price but it's backed with a guarantee as well. 

Here's the deal (money-back terms)... You take the Insider Secrets To Book Gigs, customize the templates (you don't have to do much), and send them out to 100 venues and/or music promoters. 

If you don't get any responses from them and you can show me you followed my strategy, I will give you 100% of your money back.

Here's the truth, I have nothing to lose because I KNOW these work.

It's a no brainer for you AND me. WIN-WIN!

Most Successful Email Templates
I included my most successful email templates. The same templates I used to book gigs opening for multiple GRAMMY winning and nominated artists with my band.
Best Follow-Up Email Templates
You will never book a gig on the first email. That is a given. Follow-ups are critical. I include my most successful follow-up email templates that you can customize and use immediately.
The Proven Strategy To Book Gigs
Without a strategy your chances of success are slim. You need to know what to say in your emails and the proper email sequence for sending. It's in there. You don't have to guess about it again.
  What People Are Saying:
Here are just a couple of users that had success almost immediately using these techniques that are built-in to GigFaster. Book gigs as an opening act or a headliner. Paid and Free Shows.

Playing Major Sold Out Shows Was Awesome

My strategy has landed me several gigs with big names.

Craig Kelley
Playing in front of large audiences boosted my fan count a lot. I sold a bunch of merchandise. Often times I sold out!

If you're on the fence then think about this. 

The price of this pays for itself may times over when you book one gig. 

You still have the materials and can book gig after gig after gig. 

You have over 20+ years of my experience to reference and book gigs now and forever.

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