Gigs are CANCELLED, everyone is in LOCK DOWN, NOW WHAT???

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What's Included In This Free Training:

First Things First Module

Day 1 is the first, things, first module where we take a realistic look on the state of affairs and what lies ahead and how to proceed.

Fanbase Exciter Module

Day 2 you'll learn how to win super-fans during a downtime. You'll be able to use this strategy to build your fanbase and pack your next gigs... regardless of when they are.

Venue Warmer Module

Day 3 is step by step processes to help you keep the gig pipeline fresh. Make new contacts and plan for the future that will come regardless of what you hear.

Foundation Module

On day 4 we'll cover all the bases to make sure you are working with a solid foundation. You'll learn what to fix and how to fix it.

Action Plan Module

This final day will give you clear steps you can take to ensure you not only gain new fans and connections during a downturn but also thrive amidst the chaos.


Fanbase Builder ($197)

How to build a movement of raving fans on Facebook - step by step.

Action Plan Checklist ($97)

Checklist of what you NEED to be doing during this downtime in our economy.

Private Facebook Group ($47)

This private group makes it a snap for you to connect and learn from other musicians in your shoes which helps you avoid making the same mistakes others have already made.
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